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1kw-75kw On Grid Solar Inverter

Product Specification:
  • Brand Name : TANFON SOLAR
  • Model Number : solar inverter1kw-75kw
  • DC voltage : 100-750V
  • Output voltage : 110V/220V
  • Advantage : German Technology
  • Certificate : ISO, ETL, TUV, CE, RoHS
  • Payment : T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union
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100kw on grid solar inverter

HBF series 100kw on grid solar inverter description
1. Real time monitors inverters remotely by data logger
2. Multilingual support available
3. Efficient non-isolated topological structure
4. Temperature range -25ºC to 60ºC, Compact design, easy to install

Product Feature
1. Controlled by TI Digital DSP
2. Controlled by high efficient MPPT to track the maximum PV output, MPPT rate >99%
3. Pure sine wave output, automatic synchronization to grid, low harmonics
4. Anti-island protected by disturbance detection
5. Excellent functions of protection and alarm
6. Optional CAN, Ethernet, RS485, Bluetooth ports and remote data collection

Technical Data

 Tanfon HBF series three phase on grid solar inverter 30kw to 100kw
Model HBF30K HBF50K HBF100K
Delivery period(Week) 1
Type Outdoor Indoor
Input Max DC power 31KW 52KW 110KW
Max. DC input voltage 1000V
MPPT voltage range 480V-960V 480V-960V 480V-960V
Rated input voltage (V) 600V
Maximum input current 42A 42A 42A
Number of MPPT inputs 2
Number of DC inputs 4
Output Rated power 30KW 50KW 100KW
Rated AC voltage 220/380V
Rated frequency (Hz) 50Hz/60Hz
Max. output current (A) 16.1A 24.2A 31A
THD (rated power) <2%
Power factor at rated power ≥0.99
Connection phases three phase
Efficiency Max. efficiency 98%
European efficiency 96.70%
Physical Dimensions (W) (mm) 767*564*291 737*713*297
Weight (Kg)/per unit 68 70 125
Degree of Protection IP65

HBF series 100kw on grid solar inverter use for grid tie solar system

Working circuit diagram

100kw on grid solar inverter


100kw on grid solar inverter


100kw on grid solar inverter

Tanfon Certificate

100kw on grid solar inverter

Inverter Packing

HBF series on grid 10kw solar inverter packing

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