Tanfon Solar inverter successfully replaced other suppliers
Published by TANFON SOLAR April 28,2020

Choose Tanfon , Choose satisfaction

At the beginning of 2019, the customer inquired us about the 30KW solar system. After general communication, the customer said that our products are expensive, so they decided to buy from the other company (The actual power of that company system configuration is only 25KW). The customer has two rental houses which are sharing the same AC power line with the neighboring rental house. But the AC voltage is very low as many people use electricity at night. So the voltage is only 160 V while the local conventional AC voltage is 170V-260V. Because the inverter could not recognize the low AC voltage at night, the electricity of the rental house was not enough. Therefore, the customer had to buy a diesel generator as backup. But the sound of the diesel generator was too noisy and had the strong smell too. After using it for several nights, the customer received many complaints from the residents. However, only after half of year, the inverter has broken down and cannot be used (because the frequency converter has been broken), could not guarantee the quality and usage safety.

Later the customer regretted purchasing this solar system from that company. He asked us to provide a solution for this situation. For that, we recommend him our Tanfon inverter which is 0 second switch between battery power and city power. The input AC voltage could be adjusted to 160V according to customer requirements. After we told this to him, the customer felt that our solution was quite good, and asked us to replace the inverter he had purchased before. When the customer received the machine, we sent engineers to install and debug. The installation process was done by engineers on site to ensure that the whole system can run. After our new inverter  was replaced and debugged, the customer's system was able to operate normally again.

Why did the customer choose our company's products finally?Because the quality of other companies ’solar inverter is not as good as ours. Our solar inverter are from production to after sales, the one-stop service. After strict control and testing, the products are not shipped to the customers until the product is qualified. Safety, stability and guaranteed are what we pursue all the time, to provide every customer high quality products with affordable price.

Don't let cheap,bad quality solar inverter waste your precious time.
Choose Tanfon,choose satisfaction, buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind!

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