Papua New Guinea Tanfon 200kw solar system for hotel use
Published by TANFON SOLAR August 17,2020

Project : 2 200kw solar system
Location: Papua New Guinea


This is a off grid 200kw solar system for a whole hotel in Papua New Guinea,including 14 sets air-conditioners and 2 motor machines.
Our clients Mr.Philip and Mr.Francis are from Philippines, their construction company is one of the best companies in Papua New Guinea.

solar power system kit- in factory

200kw solar system

Mr.Francis knew Foshan Tanfon from one of our client in Philippines, that time they were preparing the construction of this hotel, happen that the hotel owner was considering to make the hotel mainly working by a solar power system kit. So we start the contact.

200kw solar system

solar power system kit- in factory

200kw solar system

The complete solar power system kit including112pcs solar panel, 96pcs 12v 250ah batteries.

In this 200kw solar system,  when one system battery low, it will switch to another system, make sure the loads continue working no stop. And diesel generator as back up, when 2 sets system battery low at the same time.Hotel owner listed about 60 requires of this system. Mr.Philip and Mr.Francis flew directly to factory to discuss with us, also learnt the system connection,testing and trouble shooting. They stayed in Foshan for 3days. Everyday was full of work.

200kw solar system

solar power system kit-in factory

Attachment connection drawing for your reference. 200kw solar system works priority, diesel generator back up.

200kw solar system

solar power system kit

200kw solar system

If you want to know more about the solar power system kit, Tanfon Engineer team will offer you 24hours service. Welcome to contact us!

200kw solar system

200kw solar plant

200kw solar system


Three phase 200kw solar system off grid solar power system

solar panel mono 300w

Solar Panel (Quantity: 520 pieces)

FS380W mono solar panel(poly optional)

Vmp: 38.39V       Voc: 47.13V       Imp: 9.75A    

Size: 1956*992*40mm

Coated steel Glass: 3.2mm Tempered

Terminal block: IP65 with MC4 connector

Efficiency performance: 25 years 80 %, 20 year 85%, 10 years 90%. 25 years life time  (CE RoHS)

200kw solar system

PV combiner (Quantity: 4 pieces)

Model: H10T-360v Multiple PV strings inputs

Simplify wiring between PV array and controller, protections  to controller, Prevent hot spot effect

Wide range of DC input voltage

Reliable thunderstorm & surge protection

200kw solar system

how to connect  solar panel

solar energy panel

Solar Controller (Quantity: 4 pieces)

MPPT controller model: 360v/150A

Charging efficiency: 90%-95%,

Charging mode, intelligent control.

Temperature compensation,

Various protection functions

200kw solar system

Solar Battery (Quantity: 180 pieces)

Capacity: 2V/1500AH  

Full sealed Solar power gel battery,

Service life: 6-8 years ,

Size: 479*175*338mm  

200kw solar system

solar panel system

30kw inverter 3 phase 380V output

Solar Inverter (Quantity: 1 piece)

Power Inverter: 200kw     DC input: 360v

Output: 380v 220v 50Hz (3phase )

Bypass function with AC charger; Protection against short-circuit, over load, high-voltage and low-voltage protection

200kw solar system

Solar Panel Rack (Quantity: 1 set)

Slope Roof or Flat roof or Ground (option)

including complete fittings

wind load: 55m/s, snow load:1.5kn/m2

structure: Anodized Aluminum + stainless steel

200kw solar system

solar panel mounting rack

pv cables

Cables (Quantity: 1 set)

25mm2 battery cable 180pcs

6mm2 PV cable 800M

battery terminals and MC4

System cable 25mm2 200M

200kw solar system


200kw solar system

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