80kw solar power equipment for Konza Building in Kenya
Published by TANFON SOLAR April 23,2021

80kw solar power equipment for Konza Building in Kenya

---Konza Technopolis—the New Silicon Savannah

System power equipment: 80kw

Location:Konza city,Kenya


80kw solar system


Konza city is the Silicon Savannah construction of Kenya. It is about 60km (37 miles) from the capital, Nairobi.

Konza is part of the government's ambitious Vision 2030 initiative to improve much-neglected infrastructure over the next 18 years,to train high-end technical talents and promote the development of national science technology and economy.

The eight-storey building with two basement floors will house an office block, incubation center, five star hotel and conference facility.


solar power equipment


In the top of this building, there installed our 3phase 415v off grid 80kw solar power equipment.


solar electricity


On May of 2018, after Kenya solar enegry Fair, we have met the company who is responsible for the water and electricity system in Konza building. Mr.George introduced us to their chairman,Mr.Ken. We discussed two times in their office about this 80kw solar power equipment.


solar power equipment


After the second meeting, we agree on the building's power distribution and solar system setup, Mr. George and their engineers drove us to the site survey.

We met the building company. And tooks pictures of the roof, and measurement the size of the roof.

We also met and negotiated payment agreement with the bank's governor.

After all work done, and before we back to China. Mr.George signed a contract with us and paid a deposit during the commitment period to arrange production.


solar power equipment


This 80kw solar power equipment parts:

Solar panel: 310w 192pcs

Pv combiner: H6T/384V 2pcs

Solar controller:384V 100A 2pcs

Solar inverter: 3phase 415V 80kw 1pcs

Solar battery: Gel 200AH 128pcs

Solar panel racket: 1set

Cables and accessories: 1set

This 80KW solar power equipment will solve the electricity problem for Konza goverment office building, and at the same time serve as a demonstration point for this new city, and set a good start for the city's new energy electricity!


80kw solar power equipment feedback

We Tanfon offer free site surveys, design, production, installation, and maintenance with all the efficiency of a one-stop-shop.

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